Domestic Wood Waste Collection Service

In addition to our commercial wood waste collection service, we also offer a domestic service where our team of experts can collect directly from your home

We do not receive any external funding to run the Project and as such, we normally have to charge for our collection service. However, there are occasions where we can collect for free based on the criteria detailed below.

Normal Collection

If you have a mixed-grade wood collection, then you can make use of our paid service. Our charge is £336 (inc VAT). This is for up to 14 cubic yards / 1 Tonne whichever comes first.

Our Wood Waste Collection Service runs within a 30 mile radius of our wood yard in Southampton (SO19 7HS) – but we can go slightly further afield by arrangement.

We operate using custom-made vehicles, which are designed to carry up to 14 cubic yards / 1 Tonne of wood waste (whichever comes first) per load. 

Free Collection

If you have Grade 1* timber (see below for definition) which is free from nails/screws and large enough to be reusable, and of a sufficient quantity to be a viable collection then we may be able (at our discretion) to collect for free. Our free collections need to fit around our normal schedule of paid work so remember to allow time for us to fit you in.

Please send in a photo of your waste wood to collections@southamptonwoodrecycling.org.uk and we will come back to you with confirmation of whether we will be able to pick up for free

Softwood lengths at Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Grade 1 Timber Definition

Free collections are based on a van-load of Grade 1 timber, the definition of which is below:

  • Around 1.5m (5) or more in length
  • Relatively sound
  • Free from splits
  • Free from nails
  • Free from paint
  • Sheet materials more than 1.5m2
  • Solid Wood doors in good condition
  • Hardwood (any size)

Other ways to dispose of your wood waste


Your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) has separate bins for wood waste. This wood is sent for chipping / biomass, and doesn’t go to landfill. As a domestic customer, this does not cost you anything

Council Waste Service

All councils operate a special uplift service of all types of rubbish. They charge from £25 per collection for up to five items. To arrange a special uplift, follow these links

Need more information?

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