Rustic Wooden Shelves

Here we have our hand crafted rustic wooden shelves made from recycled scaffold boards. We have a number of shelf options with different depth, finish and brackets for you to choose from. The boards are selected from our recycled wood stock to be ones of pleasant character. They are then sanded to a fine finish before the careful hand application of your chosen Osmo Oil finish.

In addition to our standard range of shelves, we can also make to order. Simply fill in our custom quote form and we’ll get back to you asap with a quote.

* Please note that reclaimed timbers will have various saw cuts, dents, makers marks, makers branding and notches in. Therefore although we try to get your timber items looking similar, they will not be an exact match. This is also true for the oiled finishes as some timbers will show up more marks after oiling than others*

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