Shelf Brackets : Dimension Summary

Below we have compiled a list of our brackets and their dimensions in millimetres.

The image to the right details which section of the bracket each measurement relates to. Sometimes you’ll see more than one dimension which denotes the largest and smallest parts of the bracket.

Each bracket name can be clicked on to take you to the bracket in question.

If you can’t find one you’re looking for, do let us know and we can look at alternative options.

Bracket NameDesigned for Shelf Depths Of: Length, (A)Height, (B)Thickness, (C)Screw Hole sizeBack UP/DOWNLIP Y/N
AC - MinimalistStandard (215mm-225mm)20820853/244DN
AG - LatticeStandard (215mm-225mm)21517635/224DN
BH - Antique UtilityStandard (215mm-225mm)230154506DY
BK - GWRStandard (215mm-225mm)22715040/134DY
BM - SheffieldStandard (215mm-225mm)153150354DN
BQ - DuckettStandard (215mm-225mm)22715040/134DY
BS - GNERStandard (215mm-225mm)22715040/134DY
CV - U ShapedStandard (215mm-225mm)234152496UY
DF - PG 6x6 Cast IronStandard (215mm-225mm)15415430/184DN
EA - 13cm Alcove BracketsNarrow (150mm) & 350mm Deep+ (if used as multiples)30301305DN
AF - DecorativeNarrow (150mm)15610533/114DN
BA - Small AlcoveNarrow (150mm)30301905UN
GNER 4″ x 6″ Bracket (BT)Narrow (150mm)15211040/135DY
CO - Utility Brace 15cmNarrow (150mm)155154506DY
CW - Penny Gallows 5x5Narrow (150mm)13213230/184DN
CY - Sheffield 5x5Narrow (150mm)102102324DN
DG - Sheffield 4x4Narrow (150mm)102102324DN
DL - U-Shaped NarrowNarrow (150mm)166156506UY
AH - Lattice 10cmExtra Narrow (100mm)9878204DN
BJ - Utility 10cmExtra Narrow (100mm)103109506DY
DV - U-Shaped 100mmExtra Narrow (100mm)10986516UY
DX - Deep Brace 44.5cmDeep (450mm - 500mm)444300496DN
DY - Deep Brace 39.5cmDeep (400mm)395201496DN
DZ - Deep Brace 34.5cmDeep (350mm)346197506DN
DH - 12" x 12" PennyDeep (350mm)30930629/184DN
BB - Alcove LongDeep (300mm)30302705UN
CJ - Penny Gallows 10x8Deep (300mm)25220032/154DN
DJ - Sheffield 25cmDeep (300mm)258205364DN
DM - Deep U-Shaped 30cmDeep (300mm)316155506UY
DN - Deep Utility 30cmDeep (300mm)306205406DY
DO - Deep Brace 30cmDeep (300mm)306175516DY
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