Volunteering at Southampton Wood Recycling

What volunteer roles are available?

The work is sociable and empowering with lots of varied ways to get involved. From helping with wood collections, creating products in the workshop or even serving customers in our shop, we have a range of activities to match your skill-set.


Collections vans at Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Get out and about as part of our collections crew! Great way to see the local area and get fit collecting wood from construction and building sites


Denailing at the Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Prepare collected wood ready for resale by breaking down items into individual lengths and denailing ready for the yard


Workshop at Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Get hands on in the workshop and create a range of items including shelves, tables, bookcases and custom builds


Southampton Wood Recycling Shop

Help serve customers, get orders ready for dispatch all over the country and keep shelves well stocked!

Who can get involved?

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Types of volunteers that we have worked with:

  • Those trying to gain paid employment
  • Retired or semi-retired
  • Those on work placements
  • Those who like to work with wood and hate waste

We are passionate about our volunteers and are particularly keen to help people who have been out of work, get back in to work. We provide a structured training programme which helps people acquire confidence, skills and experience – as well as an up to date job reference.

What we provide

  • Great range of volunteering opportunities across the project
  • Reasonable travel expenses
  • Free lunch if you do a full day
  • All the PPE that you will need (boots, hi-vis etc)
  • Unlimited tea

Interested in getting involved?

We’d love to hear from you! Apply online today

Want to find out more before applying?

Drop us an Email: volunteering@southamptonwoodrecycling.org.uk or
Give us a call on 02381 781 720

Already a

What do volunteers say about their time here?

Fraser Case Study


“I was working part-time at Sainsbury’s and really wasn’t sure what direction to take in life. Volunteering at the project helped me be more outgoing and inspired me to find full-time work in this field. I have since started an apprenticeship creating bespoke furniture thanks to the skills gained volunteering at the Project”

Alex Baker volunteer at Southampton Wood Recycling Project


Alex has been involved with the Project since 2018 and has found that his time here has “built up his confidence” and that he “loved feeling part of a team again”. He has since gone on to gain employment within Southampton and at the Project itself.


“Well, I love working with wood and this was a great way to combine that passion with something that gives back to the community”


“The friendly atmosphere greatly appealed…I’ve made all sorts including planters, shelves & Christmas Decorations but I particularly like helping with custom builds”

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