Who’s who?

The Project is run by both full-time and part-time staff in addition to our wonderful volunteers.

Here are just a few of the team members and a little bit about what they love about working at the Project.

Andrew Challis Director at Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Andrew Challis


He is an avid sailor, that enjoys playing with wood. He likes that wood is timeless, has been used as a material since the dawn of time, and is totally recyclable. Favourite tool is a sharp hand plane, and he has made bowls, boxes, a rowing dinghy and an open canoe out of wood.

Danielle Richardson

Workshop Manager

Danielle is passionate about creating beautiful items out of recycled wood & helping get people back in to work. She is an exceptionally talented woodworker & in her spare time you’ll often find her sailing the waters around Southampton!

Barbara Rufenacht Volunteer Manager at Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Barbara Rufenacht

Volunteer Manager

She likes walking, gardening and reading as well as cutting up wood to make things. She is a dab hand at the chop saw, and has made various planters from recycled wood. Her favourite food is homemade chicken burgers, and she has a degree in teaching.

Peter Wynn Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Peter Wynn

Health and Safety Manager

He is a keen sailor, and enjoys making things from wood. Other interests include making musical wind instruments and folk music.

Rachael Clark Southampton Wood Recycling Project

Rachael Clark

Retail and Marketing Manager

Rachael is in charge of our marketing and works hand-in-hand with Danielle to bring new products to you! She joined the project as she was inspired by the ethos of saving wood from landfill & helping people re-enter the working world.

John Bennett Collections and Yard Manager | Southampton Wood Recycling Project

John Bennett

Yard and Collections Manager

When not driving our vans or arranging collections, John enjoys watching films and playing football. He has a City & Guilds qualification in carpentry and has made a display case amongst other wooden items. He likes that you can make such a vast range of items out of recycled timber.