reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Timber Yard

We stock a variety of sizes of reclaimed timber both in sheets and lengths at very affordable prices. It is suitable for DIY use, or for making wood products, sculpting, woodturning – your imagination is the limit!

“Excellent place, great ethos and helpful staff. A wide selection of wood for all sorts of projects. The items for sale look fantastic and are really well finished”

– Zak La Gumina, SWRP Customer

What we stock

We have assorted timber, which varies depending on what our wood waste collection service is able to source, but generally includes:

  • Scaffold Boards – new & reclaimed
  • Softwood lengths
  • Hardwood lengths
  • Pallet wood lengths
  • Euro & UK pallets
  • Free pallets (odd sizes/broken)
  • Sheet material : such as plywood and OSB
  • Fence panels
  • Crates
  • Cable Drums

For an idea of prices and to gain inspiration for your next project, take a look at our individual product price guides in the sections below.

n.b. Stock constantly changes, depending on what is being collected so do call ahead, visit often, or subscribe to our facebook page to find out what has recently come into in stock.

Delivery Service

We can deliver for £20, up to 20 miles from our store (SO19 7HS) or for £12.50 if you’re in SO19.

Delivery slots are normally available within 48 hours of your request.

All our drivers are fully trained and professional staff with appropriate PPE.

The only wood that can be delivered without having been to the yard to see it are the new scaffold boards (see pricing below).

Cutting Service

  • Get You Home”cutting service: We can cut clean timber up to 100mm x 250mm (4”x10”) in size usually while-you-wait. Note – our tolerance is +/-5mm on our get you home cutting service.
    • Softwood 60p per cut
    • Hardwood £2.40 per cut
  • Sheet & Rip Cutting Service: This is not a while-you-wait service. This service runs on Thursdays for pickup thereafter
    • Sheet Cutting: £7.50 setup plus £1.20 per cut on sheet material
    • Rip Cutting: £7.50 setup plus £1.20 per metre on timber lengths
  • You are welcome to borrow a hand saw for free once you have paid for your wood, to cut up the timber to fit into your car!

Opening Times

Monday to Friday : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday : 9.00 am to 2.00 pm
Sundays : Closed
Bank Holidays: Closed

Christmas and New Year 2023: We are OPEN from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th December

Price Guide – all incl VAT*

(* except where indicated)

The following list is the prices – not necessarily an indication that we have it available. Do visit the yard to see what we have. Whilst we may not have the exact wood you are thinking of, it is likely we will have a suitable substitute.

Please note: We charge for the full length of timber you select.

Timber per metre

  • Softwood
    • Minimum 60p per metre
    • Planed / Tanalised +10%
    • Lengths less than 1m 50% discount
  • Hardwood
    • Minimum 60p per metre
Nominal SizeSoftwood inc VATHardwood inc VAT
Bearers (3×2)£1.30n/a

Scaffold Board | New & Reclaimed

TypePrice inc VAT
NEW Scaffold Board – Full length – 3.9m / 13′£24 each – can be bought online here
NEW Scaffold Board – 2.4m / 8′£18 each – can be bought online here
RECLAIMED Scaffold Board – Various sizes£6.66 per metre
(measured to nearest 10cm)
RECLAIMED Scaffold Board – Full length – 3.9m / 13′£26.00 each

Sheet Materials

Sheets <1m2 10% discount

TypeThickness (mm)£ per m2
inc VAT
Full Sheet (2440×1220)
inc VAT
½ Sheet
inc VAT
¼ Sheet(incl. discount)
inc VAT
PLY Normal / Shuttering6 and less£4.37£13.00£6.50£3.25
PLY  Normal / Shuttering9£5.02£14.95£7.48£3.74
PLY  Normal / Shuttering12£6.01£17.90£8.95£4.47
PLY  Normal / Shuttering18£7.42£22.10£11.05£5.52
PLY – High Quality6 and less£6.24£18.60£9.30£4.65
PLY – High Quality12£11.05£32.90£16.45£8.23
PLY – High Quality18£15.86£47.20£23.60£11.80
Faced Hardboard3£1.92£5.72£2.86£1.43
MDF9 and less£3.50£10.40£5.20£2.60

Whole Pallets

TypePrice inc VAT
Euro Pallets – 1.2m x 0.8m£3.50 each
UK Pallets – 1.2m x 1m£3.50 each
Odd size pallets (in designated bays)Free

Pallet slats

If you’re looking for large quantities of pallet slats, the lead time may vary due to availability. Stand-alone pallet panels can also be used for cladding projects or wall features. Do get in contact and we can arrange that for you.
For pallet wood inspiration, explore our gallery wall.

TypePrice inc VAT
Pallet slats£13.65 per square metre
(large orders batched to order)
1-sided sanded (including sides)£38.65 per square metre (sanded to order) – now available to order online
Fully sanded (all sides)£53.65 per square metre (sanded to order) – now available to order online
1-side sanded & oiled (including sides)£53.65 per square metre (made to order) – now available to order online
Fully sanded & oiled (all sides)£72.65 per square metre (made to order) – now available to order online
Pallet slats – 75mm width£1.03 per metre /
£2.47 for 2.4m length
Pallet slats – 95mm width (most common size)£1.30 per metre/
£3.12 for 2.4m length
Pallet slats – 125mm width£1.71 per metre /
£4.10 for 2.4m length

Timber Objects & Firewood

ItemPrice inc VAT
Doors£10 each
Crates£15 each
Cable Drums£10 per ft in diameter
Fence Panels£7.50 per metre run
Pallet Collars £15 each
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